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Extreme Muscle Enhancement
» Meet the author of EME
Carlon M. Colker, M.D., FACN

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Extreme Muscle Enhancement

Secrets of the Bodybuilding Legends

All-New Third Edition

When the pros want to take their physiques to that superhuman next level, they go to the most acclaimed expert in the business, Carlon Colker M.D., FACN, MD, FACN. Dr. Colkerís best-selling Extreme Muscle Enhancement has been the sportís definitive guide since the day it first appeared.

This new Third Edition of the ďBible of BodybuildingĒ includes all the invaluable, essential mass-building secrets revealed in previous editions, plus all-new information on cutting-edge supplements, real-world advice on new synthetic anabolics, and an entirely new section on Advanced Extreme Muscle Training Techniques. Whether youíre just getting started or fine-tuning an already tremendous physique, this indispensable guide has everything you need, from A-to-Z.

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Steroid and Growth Hormone Controversy Fuels Peak Sales of the Ultimate Insider's Guide to Bodybuilding, Extreme Muscle Enhancement
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In a sport where there are literally a million possible wrong turns on the route to success, itís important to know that every training method, every dietary tip, and every supplementation guideline in Extreme Muscle Enhancement is backed up by real success stories in the field. If Dr. Colker says something works, itís because heís seen big-time pros pack on mass with it. Is this the year you finally get truly big? It can be with Extreme Muscle Enhancement, Third Editionóthe best how-to book on the sport ever written.

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Carlon Colker, MD, FACN »

Currently co-starring in ABC-TV's hit new reality series Shaq's Big Challenge, Carlon Colker is widely regarded as one of the world's foremost experts on human performance. In addition to serving as personal fitness advisor to NBA star Shaquille O'Neal and several other top athletes, Colker is the Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of Peak Wellness, Inc., and an attending physician at both the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York and Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut. He has shared his fitness wisdom on news and sports programs on all the major networks, and is credited with assisting in the design of the first wellness program on the East Coast. A champion bodybuilder himself, he has combined his real-life success in the training trenches with his advanced knowledge as a practicing physician to create an unparalleled approach that has helped countless bodybuilders reach their true maximum potential.

Meet the author of EME » Carlon M. Colker, M.D., FACN

Press Releases »

Steroid and Growth Hormone Controversy Fuels Peak Sales of the Ultimate Insider's Guide to Bodybuilding, Extreme Muscle Enhancement

As the media frenzy surrounding pro athletes' use of performance-enhancing steroids and growth hormone intensifies, more and more athletes are seeking out reliable information on these drugs. As a result, sales of bodybuilding's benchmark reference on strength and size development, Dr. Carlon Colker's Extreme Muscle Enhancement, Second Edition, are increasing exponentially. To celebrate his publishing success, Colker recently created a buzz at the 2008 Arnold Classic by giving away hundreds of copies of his runaway best-seller.

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